Lost undies

Soft velvet Vicki VS Banded Thong

I have so much fun taking photos in different places to show panties get their full wear. I was even able to get a shot while driving in traffic… ha ha…Secretly hoping someone would look over and get some instantaneous fleeting enjoyment from my lil kitten selfie!

Rainbow undies (sold)

In a hotel with a bunch of new friends from Pride of 2015. You know I had to get the Victoria’s Secret pink RAINBOW undies for the event! Here’s a couple of hott shots 😉

I’m always skipping out to blast a quick photo shoot selfie to my guy at the time.

Pretty Little Lacey Kitten cat-suit (Available on eBay)

Available kitten catsuit
Kitten cat suit available
Black leather flats also available upon request
Very high end flats worn till the sole cracked can be photographed separately and sold as well.
Can be worn with or without bra

I want 2wear this 4u.